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Hi, I am Ed Gaut and I sincerely want to be your resource for your best body ever. I am a personal trainer and a Fitness Researcher and I've been a Fitness Researcher for 20 years, I want the best for you and me. Hey, if you don’t look good then I don’t look good and I take your fitness and that statement seriously. Please feel free to get to know me with the info on this site and links. And congrats on the decision to get into the best shape of your life.

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I am the author of publisher’s bestselling The Joy of Fitness as well as Your Personal Trainers Secret Recipe Book. I was also the first to write a book on the Business of Personal Training. For those that have read my books feel free to let everyone know what you think on my Guestbook page. Also, I find that it helps to motivate one’s self if you publically make a statement of goals. So go to my Guestbook and put your next six month fitness goals in writing and then come back and tell us what happened.

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Calling DIYers
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